What these yuppies say about Serta®:


Yuni Jie
Interior Designer

This new interior designer's works undoubtedly can rival the works from world-class interior designers. She has written many interior books as well, namely Yuni Jie on Modern Interior Design: Kompilasi Karya-Karya Inspiratif, Simply Simple: 100 Tips Desain Interior Modern, At Home: Di Rumah Bersama YuniJie,and also Contemporary Urban Living.
'The first time I knew about Serta®was when I studied in Pratt Institute New York, US, and  I remembered its cute sheep icon. At that time, I only knew about the product, and yet never experienced it at all. Alas, when I looked for a mattress with my daughter, she immediately pointed at Serta® since she really liked the sheep, and I instantly recall the memory I had back then when I was still in uni. Serta®'s icon, the Counting Sheep, is cute and also cool," Yuni said. "Serta® is very comfortable since it has the perfect comfort level that I need in order to get the peaceful sleep," Yuni added.



Davy Linggar
Photographer, Painter

Nowadays, very few people haven't heard about Davy Linggar. Less talk and more work have always been the unique charateristics of this 37 years old man. His works unquestionably can rival some of the works from other international photographers. 'Words cannot be used to understand my works, but taste can,' Davy said.
His success also comes from the support from his family. 'My family is very important to me, and the full support from my wife has made me what I am today. Therefore, I trust my wife to take care all of the domestic work, including the task of choosing the right mattresses for our family,"he added.
Since he got married, Davy and his family has been using Serta®mattresses until today. 'Serta®'s mattresses helped us to obtain the peaceful, comfortable, and restful sleep, which is total body,mind, and soul relaxation. Ideas often came to me when I rested peacefully," Davy said.




Caroline Siahaan
Fashion Designer - Oline Workrobe

Being a designer as she is now, has always been Caroline Siahaan's lifelong dream. The engineer degree that she has obtained from the Faculty of Civil Engineering Technology Parahyangan University was one of her life experiences which now can bring her to her present occupation thorugh her profesional education in Raffles Design Institute Singapore.
"This is my world, my passion," she said on a brief interview with her. Oline-her nickname that friends use to call her- added that it is important to have a passion in life, and moreover how to make that passion happen in real life. 'We also need to know how to choose the right matress,since mattress is very important in order for me to support my passion. I've been usingSerta®'s mattress for four years to have the peaceful and comfortable sleep. The peace of mind that I get is my most treasured capital to support all my hard work in order to make my passion happen."
Thanks God I have Serta® !










Gregorious Supie Yolodi - Architect
A Productive Young Architect, who received several IAI awards for his work.

"My clients often ask for advice on what a good mattress and also good for their home.

Serta® mattress is one brand that I recommend to them because I have tried it myself ...."


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