Serta has .... 5  Reasons


  • Serta® Latex Topper
    Latex provides superior back support and outstanding pressure relief. The surface of the latex will follow the contour of your body perfectly, making your sleep much more relaxed.
  • Serta® Memory Foam
    Serta’s space age Visco-elastic Memory Foam gently conforms to your body and contours to your sleeping position. As your body is surrounded in cradling comfort, the Memory Foam helps to reduce pressure points that can cause you to toss and turn, wake up and shift positions. The result is an extremely comfortable and more restful sleep.
  • Super Pillow Top
    Super Pillow Top® is soft to pamper your body and provide incomparable comfort and making you sleep more soundly and comfortable.

    The Pillow Top model features an additional upholstery layer at the top of the mattress for added softness at the sleep surface. The additional upholstery layer allows you to sleep slightly farther from the support system, so you will feel more softness while still feeling the benefits of the support.
  • 5 comfort zones latex core
    Latex with 5 zones that can provide the perfect support in accordance with the anatomy of the body, so that our spine will be supported naturally, and our muscles can rest well.


  • KoolComfort Memory Foam Cushions
    Serta’s unique KoolComfort™  Memory Foam provides pressure-relieving comfort while helping to promote a comfortable sleep surface temperature throughout the night. The unique open-cell structure of this memory foam allows it to breathe up to 95% more than traditional memory foam. This helps provide a cooler sleeping surface without the heat build-up that can disrupt your sleep. KoolComfort™  Memory Foam cushions contour to your sleeping position, promoting a more restful sleep by helping to reduce tossing and turning.


  • Total Edge® Foam Encasement
    Serta exclusively offers this combination of an advanced encasement design plus a border rod for superior edge support around the mattress. Total Edge Foam Encasement creates a total edge-to-edge sleeping surface so you have more room to stretch. Plus, the advanced encasement strengthens the mattress edges to eliminate potential edge “roll off.”


  • Continuous Innerspring
    It distributes the body weight equally through the length direction of the mattress while minimizing the pressure on the backbone, improving the relaxation of your muscles and tendons.
  • Pocket on Pocket Spring
    Serta’s most advanced comfort and support system is designed to support your body in every dimension.  The mattress support system begins with Serta's pocket spring, made of 3 zones of single pocket coil that mirror the shape of the human body to provide additional support where your body needs it most.  Then, we top it with 5 zones mini pocket spring that work independently to absorb motion, drastically reducing disruption from partner movement.


  • Head to toe Coil Construction
    Serta's Continuous Innerspring systems with Head-to-Toe Coil Construction works to reduce motion transfer from one sleep partner to another. Each row of coils is oriented from head-to-toe so that motion in one row is not felt in the adjoining rows. Plus, each head-to-toe coil attaches to its neighbor. This gives the entire innerspring the stability it needs to absorb motion so you can sleep soundly, even when your partner moves.
  • Semi Flex Foundation
    U-shaped wire network with 6 mm dm imprinted on the spring located around the mat and pasted on a wooden frame (pine Canada). Support the mattress on top of it, it makes the spring work more optimally. Dampen the vibration caused by the resilience spring and makes the mattress stronger and durable.


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