A few Tips for Healthy Life

Healthy Lifestlye

We all are aware that the right eating habits and regular exercises are necessary in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, not many people pay much attention to the importance of good sleep. Just like healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise, sleep is also as important in order to keep the body fit. An adult needs approximately seven and eight hours good night sleep, while on average a person needs approximately five to ten hours sleep everyday.

Sleep is not just needed for rest, but also important to keep the body healthy. When you sleep, your body continues its work to integrate everything you learned all day into the memory. A good night sleep helps you to recuperate in order to face all activities on the next day.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your daily activities can be more stressful and less productive. Having said that, a good night sleep will definitely improve your performance when you wake up on the next day.

Sleep Debt

By reducing your sleep time everynight, therefore you will owe your body that much sleep and accumulated lost sleep must be paid back. You need to observe your lifestyle routines to determine whether you should add more sleep time. For example, have you ever fallen asleep while you’re in the car during traffic? Have you ever fallen asleep while you’re watching TV? Or, have you ever fallen asleep when you read? The only way to pay your sleep debt is by paying it back hour for hour.

Should you encounter any chronic sleep deprivation or severe sleep disorder, do not hesitate to consult your problem with a physician or a specialist.

A Decent Sleep is the Key Factor for A Healthy Lifestyle

Good Sleep Starts on Your Mattress

Since you don’t always get as much sleep as needed, you need to be able to use any available time you have optimally. Uncomfortable bed or mattress can be a waste of your sleep time since you cannot sleep well and therefore you do not get any benefits by sleeping on it. A comfortable mattress with sufficient space and support will give you a better sleep.

10 Tips for Healthy Sleep

With so many things we need to do everyday, we need a good night sleep to be able to rest and recuperate. The quality and also quantity of your sleep will improve your productivity on the next day. The following are ten tips that helps you to get a decent and viable sleep:

  • GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO SLEEP : Prioritizing sleep is not an easy thing. However, you will be grateful on the next day.
  • GET TO BED EARLIER EVERYNIGHT : Try to calm yourself a few hours earlier before you sleep.
  • START THE SLEEP RITUALS : Doing the same routines everynight before you sleep will respond you to be able to rest at night.
  • MAINTAIN THE ROUTINES : Try to sleep at the same exact time everynight, also the same time when you wake up in the morning, even when on weekends.
  • CREATE A COMFORTABLE RESTING AREA : It’s best to sleep in a cool, dark area and also quiet in order to be free of any disturbing noise.
  • SLEEP ON A COMFORTABLE AND FIRM MATTRESS : It’s hard to sleep in a too small, too soft, too firm, or too old mattress.
  • EXERCISE REGULARLY : This will relieve you from daily stress and tension. However, do not exercise before you go to bed since it will make you difficult to fall asleep.
  • LESS CONSUMPTION ON ANY STIMULANT SUBSTANCE : Consuming any food or beverage with stimulant substance such as caffeine at night will make it more difficult to fall asleep.
  • DO NOT SMOKE : Smokers tend to have sleep problems and awake easily at nights.
  • LESS ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION : Drinking alcohol beverage before you go to sleep will disturb and reduce your sleep time.
  • CREATE A COMFORTABLE SLEEPING AREA : A sleeping room is supposed to be calm and comfortable. Unwanted noise and lights, uncomfortable mattress, overused divan, overheated or overcooled room can cause sleep deprivation. You deserve a perfect sleep.


Is your room perfect for a good sleep? Here are four factors which might be able to make some changes:

  • MATTRESS AND DIVAN : Make sure the mattress and the divan can provide a good support for your body in order for you to be comfortable. If you have a partner, your mattress should have a sufficient space.
  • LIGHTS : Light is an indication of time changes which is very familiar with your body. Sunrise can wake the brain, long before your alarm sounds ring. A dark room is perfect for sleep, be it day or night.
  • NOISE DISTURBANCE : Loud and alarming sounds, whether inside or outside the house can disturb your sleep, while low and consistent sounds  such as the sound of fan or air conditioner can have the calming effect in order to reduce any disturbing noises.
  • ROOM  TEMPERATURE : The ideal room temperature is 60 to 65° Fahrenheit (or 16 to 18° Celcius). A room which is too hot or too cold can disrupt the comfort of sleep.
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